Wireless Earbuds T40
Wireless Earbuds T40
Wireless Earbuds T40
Wireless Earbuds T40
Wireless Earbuds T40
Wireless Earbuds T40
Wireless Earbuds T40

    Wireless Earbuds T40


    Comfortable Fit & Noise Isolation & IPX8 Waterproof Rating

    Incredible sound quality

    Four sizes of silicone ear tips and ergonomic design ensure a perfect seal in your ears(S size is specially designed for small ears). Excellent passive noise isolation blocks out the unwanted noises. The IPX8 waterproof rating means these wireless earphones can resist sweat, water, and rain. Perfect for working out, running and jogging.


    wireless earbuds

      Deliver excenllent sound quality

      PeohZarr T40 wireless earbuds deliver an excellent audio experience to you. You'll immediately notice these have a more open, rich sound, with tighter, meatier bass the first time you wear them. You won't feel like you're sacrificing a bit of sound quality in exchange for totally cutting the cord. 
      wireless earbuds

        Newest 4D hifi sound with Graphene-enhanced and double moving Coil driver 

         Graphene-enhanced diaphragm driver delivers an unforgettable wireless listening experience full of rich details and zero distortion. Double moving Coil is a great addition to strengthen high definition in both high and low frequency. PeohZarr T40 wireless earbuds are also excellent in noise cancellation, you will totally immerse yourself in the professional hifi 4D surround sound.


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          Easy to Use with Solid Connection

          One-Step link technology provides auto pairing connection once taking those earbuds out from the case. Quick acsess to Siri, easily switch calls and songs by one click. Newest Bluetooth 5.0 ensures solid connection. Signicant improvement to reduce the disconnection probability to a minimum.





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          Use One Bud at a Time

          Left or right earbud can work independently thanks to the built-in dual microphones. So you can use a single earbud for calls and audio while leaving the other charging. One bud feature adds up to 20 hours to the battery life before you have to recharge.




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          Wireless earbuds T40 feature sweatproof design so using them in the rain and profuse sweating isn’t a problem.






          wireless earbuds

          Comfort is Superb

          If you have problems comfortably fitting other gym earbuds, try PeohZarr Workout Earbuds T40. They’re lightweight and have excellent ergonomics, they can fit even the smallest ears comfortably. Once you find the right size of ear tips—from 4 different sizes—you’ll soon get used to wearing them, and you’ll forget them altogether.






          Bluetooth Version V5. 0 
          Waterproof Level IPX8
          Frequency Range 2. 4GHz-2. 48GHz 
          Operation Range Up to 33 FT
          Talk Time Up to 4 hours 
          Music Playback Time Up to 3. 5 hours
          Standby Time Up to 100 hours 
          Earbuds Weight 0. 34 ounces 




          T40 True Wireless Earbuds
          T40 Right Earbud (Master Earbud)
          T40 Left Earbud (Slave Earbud)
          4 Pairs of Silicone Ear tips: S, M, L, XL (M size is already attached)
          Charging Case × 1 Wing Tip x 2 Charging Cord × 1



          Wireless Earbuds T40 User Manual(PDF)Eng

          Question: Would like to know if you can use them independently? Charging one while using the other, then switch.
          Answer: Yes, they can work independently.

          Question: Can I make calls while using any one earbud as single?
          Answer: Yes, both earbuds have caller voice

          Question: How long is the playback time?
          Answer: The earbuds themselves last four hours. You have to alternate buds using the recharge case for continuous use.

          Question: Is there a skip song or go back one song feature on these?
          Answer: Yes, you can skip a song by pressing and holding the MFB of right earbud for 2s and go back one song by pressing and holding the MFB of left earbud for 2s. You could find these operations in the user manual.

          Question: Can these earbuds work with TV or ipod?
          Answer: Yes, they can. Take them out from the case to autimatically turn them on or manually turn them on by pressing once on earbuds. And then they will automatically pair to each other. Then find 'T40' on the bluetooth device list and click to connect.

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